New Products

Seib,  in its constant commitment to innovation, has developed a range of innovative products that will reduce costs and space.

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    Power and control embedded for extreme conditions of utilization. Daisy delivers 50w for the application, Ethernet Connection chain with range of temperature extended TX

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    100W New Design

    The new model of convertor of 100 w depart from the feeding source on aluminium and it will be compatible with the series Q of power one. And it substitutes the range of convertors of 80w.

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    300W New design Electromedicina and railway

    The new convertor of 300w we will unify the different existing codes of 300w in a code for railroad and other one for electromedicina and it was based also on the fa on aluminium and it will be compatible with series HR/HRP of power one.

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    PowerComPlus-3 2500W

    Convertor DC/DC of new generation who emphasizes for his high performance decrease of volume and under cost, improving the levels of reliability and quality. It is formed by three convertors of high performance and a microprocessor for manager of communications for extreme conditions of utilization and range of temperature TX. It is specially designed for railway applications. IT JOINS IN 50155 Fulfills with the criteria of energy efficiency 80 BONUS established on initiative of Echoes Consulting. The benefits of the energy efficiency are an economic saving for the consumption, improve the costs of maintenance of the systems where they join for increase of the quality of the product, and help to improve the CO2 emissions and the greenhouse effect.

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    New HDMI Display

    For the new Monitor HMI, We start  from the altar frontal of the monitor with the push-buttons antibandalicos and support the altar frontal with the push-buttons. In the back part we put him the spendthrift.

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    New interior LCD panel 

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